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“The best soup-salad spot in Dallas.” The Dallas Morning News
Greenz - salads for Z'adventurous
  Addison: 972-385-7721

  Uptown Dallas: 214-720-7788

  Equinox–Highland Park: 214-559-4102
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  We're turning traditional salad on its head
Greenz At Greenz, we create unique, innovative salads using the freshest ingredients combined in the most distinctive ways to please everyone from the devout vegetarian to the diehard meat-eater.

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We believe salads should be as enticing to the eyes as they are to the taste buds, that's why our unique presentations will make your mouth water!

The Greenz experience is designed to be as eclectic and refreshing as our food. You can enjoy your salad with a glass of wine on our patio (BYOB in some locations), or with a seasonal soup at home, or with friends, family or co-workers at a catered event. However you celebrate, we promise that Greenz will be the most fun you'll have eating salad.
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